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Here’s a question for you. What do you think about the ancient art of palm reading. Many people all over the world are firm believers. Others are skeptics. Others are learning palmistry online and they’re having a lot of fun doing readings for friends and family.

The following is a short overview regarding this fascinating subject. We encourage you to review this material with an open mind. Palmistry could turn into a fun hobby, Who knows, it could even change your life.

According to professional palm readers, or palmist, the lines in the palm of your hand are the key. Everyone has 7 major and 12 secondary palm lines.

Primary Lines: The Life Line, The Head Line, The Heart Line, The Health Line, The Line of Apollo or Sun, The Fate Line, The Marriage Line.

Secondary Lines: The Ring of Jupiter, The Line of Mars, The Ring of Saturn, The Ring of Sun, The Girdle of Venus, The Moon of Line, The Line of Influence, The Travelling Line, The Lines of Children, The Bracelets, The Casual Line and The High Post Lines.

Several of the Primary Lines are discussed below:

• The Life Line – depicts your vitality as well as the time period of your life. This is actually the most crucial line on your hand and it will always be present.

The Head line – deals with your philosophy, morals, attitude and also with the way you approach your life. It’s a representation of your mindset and learning ability.

The Heart Line – deals with all of the events and emotions which are centered about love, whether it could be your ability to love, or perhaps be loved by some other. Generally, the deeper and the stronger this line, the warmer and the stronger your devotions are.

The Fate Line - indicates your achievements, pre-destined vocation, and career path.

The Health Line – the absence health line normally shows that health isn’t a concern. Degree of health issues is shown by the weakness or strength of this palm line.

* The Fate Line – indicates your achievements, pre-destined vocation, and career path.

Another important aspect of palm reading is the shape of the hand. The shape of the hand is subdivided into four distinctive elements namely: water, air, earth and fire. Those categorized under the earth shape usually have short fingers, square shaped palms, deep and straight lines. People with air hands normally have long fingers, square shaped palms and clearly articulated palm lines. Water hands are normally oval shaped with long fingers and a soft skin. Those with fire hands have short fingers, long palms and well defined clear skins. People with earth hands are generally modest, water hands represent sensitivity, fire hands represent confidence while and air hands are found in sociable individuals.

* Size Maters! Another important aspect of palm reading is the size of the hand. Basically people with small hands tend to be more impulsive. A palmist can also learn a lot by observing the flexibility of the thumb. A highly flexible thumb shows that you’re accommodative and adaptive while a rigid thumb shows that you are pretty obstinate.

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